For high-school age and above.

The standup/striking class is designed to be light, loose, and moving with little strike contact to another person. The techniques taught are largely based on the coach’s standup experiences garnished from his friends, teachers, competitions, and training. The approach to striking is freestyle; hence the method is Freestyle Striking Arts.


The goal is to deliver abilities in evading, blocking, and striking to the martial artist unified from a variety of sport and street contexts; in part to help martially round out a strong BJJ program. In time, the student should have a foundation to take striking further if they choose.


We will rely on shadow boxing, partner drills, bag work, mitt and glove work, and perhaps some sparring drills and street drills.


The class will introduce strikes with corresponding blocks, evading, and reinforcing prior instructions. The order of instruction will lean toward distance techniques at first, then working to inside standing. Some time may be devoted to each class to improve standup physicality, and most notably by stretching. 

Striking techniques with potential blocks:

  • Step Punch
  • Front Stance
  • Simple Bounce
  • Forward Back Bounce
  • Stance Switch
  • Rt/Left Step
  • Straight Punches - Sweep Style Blocking, Pillar Guard, Shell
  • Lunge
  • Thai Long Guard
  • Front Kicks - Leg Checks, Thai Shield to Parry, Scoop Blocks, and Sweeps
  • Round Kicks - Leg Checks, Thai Shield, Mid and High Guard
  • Thai Step to kick
  • Side Kick - Leg Checks, Thai Shield to Parry, Scoop Blocks, and Sweeps
  • Inside and Outside Circling
  • Hooks, Scoops, and Uppercuts - Thai Shield, Mid and High Guard, Pillar turns, Shells and Sweeps
  • Head movement
  • Striking throws
  • Knees - Leg checks
  • Elbows - Thai Shield, Passes
  • Street hand positions



  • Monitoring
  • Distance
  • Position
  • Timing
  • Alignment
  • Targeting
  • Flow
  • Connection (stand up arts perspective)
  • Set Point


Partner Work:

  • Thai Clinch
  • Give And Take Flow Style Sparring (optional, involves controlled and light strikes)
  • Flow Style Sparring (optional, involves controlled and light strikes)
  • 4 Count Street (optional involves controlled and light strikes)

What to bring/wear

At a minimum,  students should bring:

  • athletic shirt & shorts
  • flip flops
  • towel
  • water bottle

As we progress, students may be asked to bring:

  • boxing and/or mma gloves
  • shin pads
  • headgear
  • mouthpiece

What not to bring/wear:

  • shoes/socks on the mat
  • jewelry 


Coach Tim Gustavson, Freestyle Striking Arts and Arnis Instructor

Martial arts bio:

  • 1994:  Black Belt Modern Arnis (Filipino weapon and empty hand).  Instructors Remy Presas, Dan Anderson, & Lynn Anderson.
  • 1996:  Black Belt American Freestyle Karate.  Instructors Dan Anderson & Lynn Anderson.
  • 1996 - 2006:  Successful regional, national, and international Karate competitor.
  • 2006 - 2012:  Kickboxed (Thai and Boxing) at Quest, Rockwood and elsewhere.  Guest coached Sportslab MMA pros.
  • 2012 - Present:  Recommitment to Arnis.
  • 2022 - Present:  Gi BJJ at Rockaway BJJ.  Instructors Jay Udelhoven and Tim Irving.

Path of martial way growth and health of body, mind, and spirit for self and training partners.  Many additional martial influences and friendships in gyms and systems throughout the country.