Kids Karate & Grappling 

For 7-14 year olds.

SVSG-Karate (San Vincente Striking & Grappling) includes Judo, grappling, and striking in a Karate Kata format designed to help students learn the skills necessary for competing and self-defense. A Code of Ethics will be incorporated into every class to ensure students are strong, confident, and courteous representatives of the Art. 


Striking will focus  on practical and effective punches and kicks.

Judo and grappling will focus on throws, ground control, and submissions.


What to bring/wear

At a minimum, students should bring:

  • athletic shirt & shorts or sweats
  • flip flops
  • towel
  • water bottle

As we progress, students will need:

  • martial arts Gi
  • headgear
  • mouthpiece
  • gloves
  • shin pads

What not to bring/wear:

  • shoes/socks on the mat
  • jewelry 


Sensei/Coach Randall Colburn, Youth Karate and Youth Grappling Instructor.  Adult BJJ Instructor.
Martial arts bio:

  • 1984:  TKD Black Belt.  Instructor GM HS Kim and continued with GM Choi.
  • 1985 - Present:  Black Belts in Kyokushin, Judo, and Kokondo Karate-Jutsu.  Greatly influenced by Masutatsu Oyama Sosai.  Instructors Shihan Paul Arel, Prof. Allen Abbruzzese, Dan White & Master Robert Longo
  • 1990 - Present:  Leading my home Karate and Jujutsu gyms known as KHJi.  Training and instructing in many gyms in the PNW and abroad.  Levels range from youth to professional MMA instruction.  Friends and instructors JT Taylor, Trevor Burnell, Trent Standing, and Chris Standing.
  • 2010 - Present:  BJJ Brown Belt.  Instructor Prof. Michael Downing of Oregon Pound in the San Juan BJJ Gracie  Techniques lineage.  Master Pedro Sauer, his lineage and training with him is an honor.

Philosophy of student first and instructor Second.  
Nickname:  Ronin.