Meditation can be a powerful part of self-care. As such, people are interested in meditating for a variety of unique reasons. This class is geared toward all experience and interest levels. 

 Each class consists of group meditation while offering a connecting and nonjudgmental atmosphere. 

We will focus on mindfulness strategies, strengthening various areas of self-care, breathing exercises, creating mind-body harmony, coping with stress, regulating emotions, and improving overall health and well-being. 

What to bring/wear

Suggested attire and equipment:

  • comfortable clothing
  • flip flops (easily removed shoes)
  • yoga mat (optional)
  • water bottle (optional)
  • you are welcome to bring anything that offers you comfortable seating beyond the mats

Note that the instructor will bring extra meditation cushions to share and the occasional bowl of dark chocolates!

What not to wear:

  • shoes on the mat
  • jewelry 


Angela Lehr, Ed.D., LPC, Meditation Instructor

Bio: Angela is a counselor, adult educator, humanistic leadership expert, and meditation teacher. She was initially drawn to meditation as a means to calm anxiety and promote mental health and well-being both professionally and personally. For nearly ten years, she has maintained a consistent meditation practice and had the honor of studying with meditation expert and scholar, Jason Siff, from 2016 - 2019. Angela practices and teaches Reflective Awareness meditation which is a gentle and compassionate practice rooted in openness, curiosity, and journaling as a means to gain insight and skillfulness regarding our inner thoughts, outer stressors, and everyday experiences. Angela loves teaching meditation in small and rural communities and supporting others in developing mind-body self-care and wellness. She and her family moved to Rockaway Beach in August 2022 and they love living the PNW coastal lifestyle!