Yoga is open to all levels of fitness. Most of the class time will be lying down. No “equipment” other than your body will be needed. Yoga focuses on the core as we use the center of our bodies as a starting point for all movement in life. Your core supports your back and is engaged when moving your arms, legs, and head in your daily activities from vacuuming at home to throwing someone in martial arts. 

Every Yoga exercise can be modified so everyone, regardless of fitness level and flexibility, can get the workout they need or want. In each class we will work through a half hour of core, using and connecting our abdominal muscles in multiple creative exercises. We will then work on stretching the full body, focusing on joints and local muscles, to prevent (and rehabilitate) injury, for the remainder of the class. Most movements are small, simple, and easy to follow. 

The goal of Yoga is to fight gravity so your body will always feel lengthened and connected after class. You do not need to be fit, flexible, or experienced in Yoga to join us. Regardless of your background, Yoga is for you.


At a minimum,  bring:

  • athletic shirt & shorts/pants
  • yoga mat
  • yoga blocks
  • flip flops (easily removed shoes)
  • towel
  • water bottle

What not to wear:

  • shoes on the mat
  • jewelry 


Peggy McDaniel RN BSN, Yoga Instructor

Bio: Peggy has been a registered nurse for almost 40 years and is passionate about promoting health and wellness through active education and leading by example. She has been practicing yoga for over 25 years and completed her 200-hour teacher training course in Rishikesh, India in 2016. Since that time, she has enjoyed inspiring children and those young at heart to embrace and practice yoga and to live their healthiest lives. 


Although Peggy has lived across the USA, Australia, and Asia, the Oregon Coast captured her heart long ago and she has owned property in Rockaway for over 20 years. She lives at the coast part time with her partner Steve here in Rockaway and is an active member of Rockaway Renaissance Artists. SailgirlDesign is her alter ego. Please check out or Insta and Facebook for @Sailgirldesign to see Peggy’s creative work.