BJJ competitions are not required as part of our training, but they are encouraged. Competitions allow students to face and overcome many of the psychological hurdles (e.g., fear, self-doubt, insecurities) that many of us face in jiu jitsu and in life. They are also a place to test, in a more realistic environment, the skills that students have learned. While we focus on learning and teamwork in class, competitions allow students to use 100% effort with the goal of winning. This is very different than the class environment.  

There are numerous  competitions at local, state, regional, national, and international levels that students can choose from if they like. Students will be encouraged  to participate in at least one competition per belt.

As part of Rockaway BJJ's affiliation with FSBJJ, our members can participate in American Top Team Portland's in-house tournaments which take place several times each year. While in-house tournaments will be announced, members can check the tournament website by clicking "Read More" below. Additional tournaments can be accessed further below.